Say Goodbye to these Business Mistakes in 2022

Dec 15, 2021 | Blog


December 15th, 2021 | 4 min read  

Starting a business from scratch and building it from the ground up is an incredible feat. That said, there will be mistakes along the way.   

Mistakes are unavoidable and imperative for growth, as is the case in everyday life and especially in entrepreneurship.   

Let’s rethink our business practices and declutter a few that are not beneficial. Here are some business mistakes you should leave behind in 2021: 


For online-based businesses, this is a major problem. Where brick and mortars have defined ‘business hours,’ businesses or services advertised online are expected to be open 24/7.  

You might also feel compelled to be on or available all the time but setting boundaries are essential to building a sustainable business.  

Solution: Incorporate automations in your business. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp offer automated responses to be sent to customers when they message your business. You can still stay connected even when you are away, so your prospects are not left waiting in your inbox.  


Other than suffering from the most severe burnout, not all business is good business. We all fall into this trap of accepting every order or inquiry we get in the early stages of our business. With evolving lockdowns and restrictions from the pandemic, sales may have fluctuated. As such, one may be more inclined to say “YES” to every sale.  

Some transactions are not fruitful for you which is why being discerning about what you will take on is crucial. This is where the notion of working smarter and not harder comes into play. 

Solution: Thank them for reaching out and (if you are comfortable with this) suggest another business or service that would be better suited to them.  


Attempting to DIY every aspect of your business will not expedite the growth of your business. This is a mistake we may all be guilty of. As entrepreneurs, we can be quite protective of our businesses, so handing it off to other persons can be difficult.  

SolutionSeek advice or hire a knowledgeable and experienced professional in the area/s that you need the most help in. 


By having other persons on your team, you can focus on your passion and what you are truly great at. Instead of being consumed by portions of your business that you are not equipped to handle or do not enjoy, you can focus on the aspects that you are great at doing. 

Investing in yourself can exponentially build your business. Whether it’s cultivating your mindset or learning a new skill; being committed to improving yourself is key to honing a successful business.  

Solution: Business Clinic Ltd! We are here to help you mind your business by offering business guidance and coaching whilst supporting your goals. Our 1:1 coaching options, online courses, virtual incubator, entrepreneurship programmes and group support, give you the clarity and confidence to sharpen your offers and provide topnotch value to your customers. 


It’s only natural to make mistakes but identifying them and actively working towards diminishing them will elevate your business development.   

Say goodbye to these business mistakes in 2022. We believe success can be yours. New opportunities await you.  

Get in touch with our team or request our free eBook to boost your business growth: “How to keep cash flowing in your Business.”  


Shanice Rattan is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. Her background is in Communication and she has been honing her skills in the field for more than 5 years. Shanice has a penchant for supporting local businesses, creating content and she quite enjoys a good pun.

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