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Who is the Business Clinic Ltd?

Welcome to Business Clinic Ltd, a Consulting Firm that helps businesses like yours achieve unique goals. We are the only full-service business consultancy to work with ages 10 and up, providing specialist skills and general resources to support individuals, groups, and large scale corporations. Our expert practitioners will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. Since opening our doors, we have supported numerous clients – students, entrepreneurs, business professionals, large corporations and multinational companies and we are confident we are the right Consulting Firm for you.

Whether you are taking the first step towards entrepreneurship, want to grow your business, or are seeking to advance your career, knowledge and action are necessary. 

That’s why we have created our LEAP Courses focused on the most important topics for your business. We want to help you to create a profitable and sustainable business.

Virtual Incubator Program

Do you have an existing business venture (6 months – 4 years)? If you are committed to growing your business, join us in our two (2) months virtual business incubator programme. This is a highly competitive programme subject to entry screening requirements. We only select a few entrepreneurs to work with us in our signature business incubator programme.

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What do we offer?

Programs for Entrepreneurs

Online Startup Courses

Small businesses generate income streams, opportunities, collaborations and valuable services for the people and communities they serve.

Entrepreneur Success Stories


Work with us to deliver customized entrepreneurship and business programmes for your students, stakeholders, teams and communities.


Entrepreneurs, Farmers and Customers

Entrepreneurs, Farmers and Customers

Small businesses appear on the scene every day, but many vanish just as quickly. Despite the high failure rate of start-ups, many entrepreneurs continue to launch business ventures, feverishly focusing on product / service developments and features, tinkering with...

Leadership is a life skill

Leadership is a life skill

When faced with a decision, being “in the right” is not the only consideration. Leaders know when to speak up. There is a discernible difference between speaking and speaking up. From the mundane to the extraordinary, how you use your voice matters to those around you...

A queen among thorns

A queen among thorns

St. Kitts and Nevis builds its economy based on tourism. Kittians understand what this requires and demands of them. I visited St. Kitts for the first time with a group of Trinidadian soca artistes and band members for the St. Kitts Music Festival (22nd – 25th June,...

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