Is it time to invest in a CRM system?

Nov 26, 2021 | Blog

The short answer: If you have a business with customers, you need a CRM system.

  • If you have leads you want to convert, you need a CRM. 
  • If you want to automate and increase efficiency, you need a CRM. 
  • If you have remote employees, you need a CRM.

You should start off with a CRM if you are launching a business. If you are not a start-up and do not have a CRM in place, you should prioritize getting one set up. 


What is CRM?

You may already know that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Years ago, CRM businesses created spreadsheets, index files (anyone remember the Rolodex anymore?), and other quite manual ways of cataloging customer data. If you are not using a CRM system or intuitive software, how are you managing customers and leads? 

Let’s explore the benefits you will find working with a CRM to streamline your business. Here’s our list of the top 12 benefits:

  1. Automate systems, campaigns, sales reports, reminders for follow-up, etc.
  2. Create leads automatically from your website.
  3. Create or delegate and track tasks.
  4. Manage supportive tasks such as assigning tasks, taking pre-determined actions when your leads become inactive, etc.
  5. Retain and create loyal repeat clients by creating a bond vs constantly cycling through new clients.
  6. Track customer purchases, dates, and other data sets while knowing when to follow-up using automated reminders provided by your CRM software.
  7. A CRM system should contain the entire history of your customer’s trends and habits, even those you had acquired before setting up your CRM (which is another reason it is highly beneficial to have one in place from the start of your business). This will ensure you know what to offer the customer and remember crucial details to strengthen your bond.
  8. Data on integrated CRM systems are centralized and available when you need it, even when remote. This can increase sales and give you a reputation for being available, knowledgeable and aware of your customer’s needs. This is especially valuable with high-functioning remote teams.
  9. As your team grows, they will have what they need at their fingertips, enabling their management of assigned customers easy and seamless.
  10. Reduce costs by reducing time utilizing a CRM. Efficiency is crucial and will save you money.
  11. Automating regular daily tasks allows you and/or your team to focus on sales, instead of daily busy work that does not directly increase profits.
  12. Fast sales conversions can speed up the sales process.

Highly successful business organizations know the importance of CRM and how to use a CRM system.

CRM can be integrated with various email marketing tools which can provide personalized and direct marketing contact to your prospective clients. CRM also tracks email performance in real-time, valuable information you can obtain simply. Using all the features of a CRM can provide valuable insights. An automated CRM software can also integrate with your social media. This can be used with both potential and current customers and will strengthen customer relationships with your brand. These are just a few key features you can expect to find in many CRM’s today. Which of the features will benefit you?

What do you think, do you need a CRM?


Jen Antoniou is a Solutionary Strategist who provides resources, SAAS, training and coaching for entrepreneurs. Her 6 week signature course, “Find Your Freedom” is open to founding applicants desiring freedom and joy in business. Jen offers readers a complimentary copy of ELMessenger Pro, an automated lead/conversion generation software, helping users automate the mundane tasks related to outreach, organization, and engagement. Access your copy here Contact Jen at

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