ONE Major Growth Strategy to Implement in Your Business in 2022

Jan 29, 2022 | Blog

January 29th, 2022 | 4 min read


Step into the shoes of a consumer. How many times have you been swayed to purchase by glowing reviews of a product or service or long lines at store-fronts? 

After purchase, you may have many questions: How do I use these products/services or what do they actually have to offer and how it can benefit me? With more questions than answers, you may end up feeling very dissatisfied with your purchase. Perhaps buyer’s remorse?

There is no denying that testimonials are beneficial for businesses. Customer education, on the other hand, is even more important and should be ONE major growth strategy to implement in your business in 2022. 

When your current and/or potential customers are educated about how you can solve their pain points, they understand how to utilize your products and services which will advance your business.

In his book ‘Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter,Adam Avramescu stated:

Where to begin? 

Identify your target audience

Everyone is not your target market. Create personas by gathering information about your current or potential customers. From age and gender to job title and income level, even buying motivation. This information can be used to target your ideal customers by understanding who they are as individuals and how they think. 

To further understand the unique needs of your customers, consider these 2 points

  1. How does your product or service solves the main pain point of your customers?
  2. In what way does your product or service align with their goals or meet their expectations?

When you have conceptualized your customer base and how your business is solving their unique problems, then you can implement an education strategy. 


Here are three examples of customer education strategies that businesses can create for customers:

  1. ‘How-to’ tutorials and ‘before and after’ videos or infographics: short-form learning experiences on social media channels showing how to use your products or services and client transformations. 
  2. Email newsletters with tips or information related to your products and services specific to your audience’s needs.
  3. Video podcasts on YouTube or audio podcasts: long form content (10 minutes or more) featuring industry experts or brand advocates of your services or products.


Why is customer education important and how can it propel your business in 2022?

  • Your business’ customer service will be exceptional when customers are more informed and knowledgeable about what you are offering with less information gaps.
  • By providing ample value to your current or potential customers you establish your business as a market leader in your industry.
  • Educated customers are more inclined to genuinely engage with your business and offer word-of-mouth references due to the trust that has been built.

With a well thought-out customer education strategy, learning experiences can be created and curated for your target audience that cultivate a deep relationship between them and your business. 

As writer, editor, and content strategist, Kara Parlin, aptly asserted:

How do you apply customer education as a growth strategy for your business? 

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Shanice Rattan is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. Her background is in Communication and she has been honing her skills in the field for more than 5 years. Shanice has a penchant for supporting local businesses, creating content and she quite enjoys a good pun.

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