In the slap heard around the world

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April 4th, 2022 | 5 min read


In the slap heard around the world….

What’s the lesson here?

Don’t tell jokes?

That’s actually someone’s job. A Comedian. At one historical point, it used to be a Court Jester.
Jokes will continue.

Not everyone will care about what you’re going through.
Right, wrong or indifferent, people will judge you by appearances.
In some ways, all are hurt, many are bruised, some are broken.
Everyday, women endure the gaze of other women and men.

Thick skin.

That’s all mindset.

The lesson?

It’s not about writing good copy for jokes. As some might use the opportunity to sell their skills. Your clients can go off-script (ad-lib).

It’s also not about educating others about medical conditions. We can’t know everything about everything. Not all ailments are visible and you shouldn’t have to explain. That’s not your burden.

Tact, timing, sensitivity? Sure, in an ideal world. Since we can barely get a grip with a small team of like-minded professionals or a global stage of Presidential leaders, what’s the golden standard for a gathering of high net worth and famous individuals?

The lesson?

Have an inner circle with peers like Denzel and Tyler and Bradley who will:
Encircle you,
Hug you,
Tell you,
Protect you,
Set you straight.

Correction and comfort. Denzel: “at your highest moment, be careful…that’s when the devil comes for you.”

Today you didn’t slap someone…
But maybe you might tomorrow.
Today for me, tomorrow for you.

Today you didn’t get slapped, but maybe you might tomorrow.
Today for him, tomorrow for you.

It’s not the slap.
It’s the emotion.
It’s not just women who get emotional.

In the heat of the moment you might take leave of your senses…..if you don’t build:
Your mindset daily and
Your inner circle to grow together.
And even then, you will still be tested. Publicly.

Here’s to hoping both men speak soon.
There will always be more jokes. 🤪

Fix what’s not working privately.

Jokes will continue…
Because words will continue.
That’s how most communication happens.
By email,
In person,
At events.

Do words offend?

Or is it interpretation that wounds our ego?
Personally. Deeply.
What’s happening in the background that you have brought to the foreground?


CEOs get cursed in meeting rooms everyday around the globe.
It used to be called oil field language.
Cursed and challenged.

The lesson?

Whether you take it personally or don’t, that’s up to you.
You always control your response.
But you have to build those muscles.
Get offended. Take charge of your response.
Leaders lead. Leaders help others by example, word and deed.

And of course….who are you working with to build your mindset? At Business Clinic Ltd., our business coaches can help you get stronger and think differently. If you are ready…🙂

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